Download MDaemon Messaging Server 16.5.2

Download MDaemon Messaging Server 16.5.2

با آخرین نسخه از میل سرور محبوب شرکت Alt-n یعنی MDaemon در خدمت شما هستیم.این میل سرور به خاطر امکانات بسیار خوب و سادگی استفاده مشتریان بسیار زیادی داره.

این نسخه هم توسط دوستان دیجی بوی کرک شده و بر خلاف نسخه قبل هر دو نگارش 32 و 64 بیتی رو شامل میشه که جا داره از کسری عزیز تشکر و قدردانی کنم.

چون تو پست های قدیم راجع به این میل سرور بسیار صحبت شده منم بسنده میکنم به اشتراک گذازی خود برنامه.

نحوه نصب و کرک هم شبیه نسخه 16.0.1 خواهد بود که من در این پست براتون آوردم. Keygen رو روی سیستم عامل های قدیمی تر اجرا کنید.

تغییرات این نسخه بنا به وب سایت رسمی Alt-n :

  • [17793] fix to long SPF DNS records are not processed correctly
  • [17772] fix to Remote Administration’s ActiveSync Device Details dialog will not show details for anything but first listed device
  • [17795] fix to LookOut theme – calendar tooltips do not show up
  • [17804] fix to WorldClient theme – Tasks list does not show up in IE11 on Windows 8.1
  • [17505] fix to Remote Administration’s Content Filter “rule jump” action not showing all available rules
  • [17770] fix to meeting attendees are corrupted if an attendee’s name contains an accented character and a comma
  • [17817] fix to a message larger than the SMTP spam filter scan limit may cause the scans of subsequent messages in the SMTP session to be skipped
  • [17811] fix to CFEngine crash due to system rule conflict with rule hit counter
  • [17824] fix to 64-bit installer does not register MDAutoDiscover.dll
  • [17828] fix to WorldClient – Translated categories are converted to English after saving the calendar event
  • [17835] fix to Minger authentication fails if sender’s email address contains “d=”
  • [17847] fix to not being able to set up a CalDAV or CardDAV account on an iOS device. Existing CalDAV or CardDAV accounts on iOS devices may also stop synchronizing.
  • [17851] fix to Active Directory Monitoring “Page size” and “Verbose AD logging” settings are broken in the MD GUI
  • [17853] fix to a “<template_undefined>” alias is created when Active Directory Monitoring creates an account
  • [17826] fix to malformed Trusted IPs and Trusted Hosts when editing with Remote Administration
  • [17859] fix to WorldClient theme – The Sort Messages By option does not save
  • [17833] fix to ActiveSync Ping requests from iOS devices do not work since 16.5
  • [17852] fix to ActiveSync FolderSync response may be missing Delete elements for shared folders that no longer exist
  • [17821] fix to CalDAV unable to edit the notes/comments for a single occurrence of a recurring calendar event or task
  • [17902] fix to MD GUI’s Mobile Device Management | ActiveSync | Accounts screen does not save changes
  • [17864] fix to possible ActiveSync server hang
  • [17913] fix to CIDR notation not working in SMTP AUTH Credentials Matching White List
  • [17919] fix to possible XMPP server crash

Download MDaemon Messaging Server 16.5.2 ( X86-X64 )

Link : MDaemon Messaging Server 16.5.2 – IRAN Download Server

Mirror : MDaemon Messaging Server 16.5.2

Size : 247.91 MB

Password :

منبع : دیجی بوی

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